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06 September 2011 @ 11:14 pm
[SALES] JE Magazine Clippings  
I have a lot of clippings that I want to sell, since I don't use them and it'll be a waste if they just sit there and rot. So I decided to sell them. I don't sell the entire magazine unfortunately. Price per page range from USD 0.30-0.50 (depending on the thickness of the paper) and I'm selling ONLY in sets. Here are the ones that I want to sell for now. I might sell more in the future. Comments are screened.

01. Serious buyers only
02. I'm located in Malaysia from 20th September 2011 onwards, but I will be in Indonesia during Summer break.
03. Price/page $0.30-$0.5 (not including shipping fee)
04. I receive payment through PayPal. (Malaysian and Indonesian buyers can discuss other options with me. I'll accept payment in RM or Rp if the situation supports it)
05. DO NOT pay me right away. I will have to calculate shipping/postage/paypal fee first. I'll quote you the final price.
06. I do not hold any responsibility if it got lost or damaged during shipping process.
07. Meet-up is ok and no shipping fee will be charged.

If interested and have any question at all, just comment below.

I will need these details if you already know what you want to buy:
*Paypal email:
*Contacting email: (if different than your paypal)
*Country that I will send the clippings to:

7 pages ($2.10)

11 pages ($3.30)

10 pages ($3.30)

2 pages ($0.60)

10 pages ($5.00)


13 pages ($3.90)

4 pages ($1.20)

7 pages ($2.10)

7 pages ($2.10)

Kis-My-Ft2 only - 4 pages ($1.20)

6 pages ($3.00)

8 pages ($2.40)

7 pages ($2.10)

Nakayama Yuma
1 page ($0.50)

(RESERVED) Ninomiya Kazunari
3 pages ($1.50)

Uchi Hiroki
2 pages ($1.00)<

2 pages ($1.00)

Yara Tomoyuki
1 page ($0.30)<

1 page ($0.50)
ムード: giddygiddy
(Screened comment)
keeconkkeeconk on September 6th, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
Sampe tgl 19 masih di Indo, tp aku di Medan lho. Cuma ya klo kirim ke Jakarta gk mahal harusnya. Paling juga 10rb. Tapi entr aku cek dulu.

Klo mau reserve aja dulu, tulis details that I need (I wrote it on the blockquote area).
(Screened comment)
keeconk: Eitakeeconk on September 6th, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC)
Bisa tulis di sini kok, soalnya aku screen. But it's good too if you want to send it by message. Entr aku note down ;)

Entr aku tulis reserved setelah dapet detailnya kalo gt :)