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30 September 2014 @ 02:14 pm

Starting from 12th of January 2012, this journal is no longer active. Any possible future work such as icons or fanfictions will be posted to its respective work journal/site. I will no longer update this journal and will no longer check my friend page (unless I feel like I want to download some stuff but I will probably go to the communities directly for that).

If you want to find links to my work, just click on the links I've put here.

My work
Fanfictions (from December 2008 onwards) brawlofavidity
Graphics/miscellaneous doodledsalmon
Tumblr brawlofavidity | tumblr

TaDaiki Appreciators tadaiki_ai
Boom Boom Fansub boomboom_ing
SHUN Community shun
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17 May 2013 @ 04:06 pm

Guys!! I'm moving LJ. It has been six years since I have this LJ, but I guess it's time to move on. I've stayed in some fandom still, but I've also decided to move to other that makes me feel a lot happier.

My new LJ is rickythekicks

It'll be more on rants, JDrama, kpop (FT Island + MBLAQ), One Piece, Running Man and maybe movies I've watched. If you're ok with it and still want to stay  friends or start fresh, just comment on the FO page of that LJ :)

Peace out!
11 January 2012 @ 11:48 pm

Well, eventually things will end. I've been trying to get back to it, but then again my dedication and commitment to fandom is just not enough to motivate me to stick around. I need a fandom that can wait for me and so far LJ hasn't been the place that can do that. I won't delete my account, just going to make it inactive. I'll come back once in awhile to get stuff and catch up with whatever when I feel like it because my real life is my first priority. It has been, is, and will always be my first priority.

Occasionally, if I ever finish those fics that I've started long ago, I might post fanfiction or join exchanges. But I don't guarantee anything since it's gonna be a tough semester after Chinese New Year break, and I'm gonna get even busier on my second year of my research.

But of course, if you want to keep in touch with me, you can always reach me on my AIM (screen name: #qeeboulevard) or my Y!M (panfriedmushroom [dot] co [dot] uk) or Skype (keeconk). You can add me on twitter too if you want to (it's @wickedkics) and tumblr (brawlofavidity). Last but not least, it has been a great five years being around (well almost five, but well).

Peace out!
24 December 2011 @ 10:38 pm
This might be the greatest Christmas Eve I have ever experienced because of this video alone. I personally don't celebrate Christmas (for obvious reason), but I always love to see what Christmas can bring to us.

I adore Henry and Amber since long ago, but lately everything about them has been so awesome and I can't believe that I finally follow Henry's twitter thanks to this video. Music-wise, I love how they keep it simple and omg their voices actually sound so amazing together (Amber sounds like a far better version of Justin Bieber XD). This duet definitely is wayyyyyyy better than their "Baby" duet.

Merry Christmas guys!!

P.S. I am so abusing the play button of this video right now.

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音楽: Someday at Christmas- Henry & Amber
23 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm


Now that I finally managed my time properly, I will start to get shit back together on my journal. I guess I will most likely only going to use LJ to post my fanfics, graphics and stuff. (No, I'm not abandoning this LJ :3)

Blogging and fandom stuff will most probably gonna be on DW. And btw, by DW, I really mean it as a NEW dreamwidth account. I decided not to use the one that I already have.

If you want to be friends with me, just add me :). It's PIERCEDJJ @ DW. But do tell me that you added me XD.

Though I have to say that I will post not only J-Pop or J-Urban stuff, but also K-Pop and K-Variety Show stuff. I don't want my blog to lean to only a particular fandom just because of friends that I have on my journal. I hope you understand :)
21 September 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Hiatusss! LOL because I'm busy moving in and all.

And I'm using my phone to post this.

Won't be around till I have internet at my new place~
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06 September 2011 @ 11:14 pm
I have a lot of clippings that I want to sell, since I don't use them and it'll be a waste if they just sit there and rot. So I decided to sell them. I don't sell the entire magazine unfortunately. Price per page range from USD 0.30-0.50 (depending on the thickness of the paper) and I'm selling ONLY in sets. Here are the ones that I want to sell for now. I might sell more in the future. Comments are screened.

01. Serious buyers only
02. I'm located in Malaysia from 20th September 2011 onwards, but I will be in Indonesia during Summer break.
03. Price/page $0.30-$0.5 (not including shipping fee)
04. I receive payment through PayPal. (Malaysian and Indonesian buyers can discuss other options with me. I'll accept payment in RM or Rp if the situation supports it)
05. DO NOT pay me right away. I will have to calculate shipping/postage/paypal fee first. I'll quote you the final price.
06. I do not hold any responsibility if it got lost or damaged during shipping process.
07. Meet-up is ok and no shipping fee will be charged.

If interested and have any question at all, just comment below.

I will need these details if you already know what you want to buy:
*Paypal email:
*Contacting email: (if different than your paypal)
*Country that I will send the clippings to:

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